B2B Korean cosmetics and skincare supplier to USA

Starting a beauty business is not only costly but also challenging for many women. Considerations such as finding suppliers; manufacturing products and packaging; setting up an online store; and marketing your products are just a few things you have to deal with before starting your business.

There are three important aspects that must be considered before starting any beauty business:

  1. finding a good niche
  2. offering reasonable prices
  3. provide high-quality products

Korean cosmetics and skincare products fit perfectly into these 3 aspects.

Once you know about the K-Beauty market, you want to get in. Lots of interest from marketers, but many don’t know where to start and how to do it.
Meanwhile, the K-Beauty industry attracts people not only with great growth opportunities but also with a chance to earn money on the side without going for a full-time job.
All you need is enough time and capital to build a business in Korean beauty products. We will help you get started and offer a solution for every stage. Let’s do this!

Our main focus is the popularization of little-known Korean cosmetic brands.
These are clean/ organic / cruelty-free cosmetics that really give positive results.

Marketing support for our clients

Our marketing department delivers digital marketing services for your business.
– website creation
– SEO services – (local SEO, technical SEO)
– e-mail marketing
– support for existing sites

Why our customers work with us?


Help Ukrainian People!

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has quickly turned into a huge humanitarian crisis. An estimated 1 million refugees have already fled, heading toward the neighboring countries of Poland, Hungary, and to western Europe. Mostly of those who had to flee Ukraine are women and children.

And now many peoples needs our help!

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