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Correct Skin Care Routine Step By Step 1. Exfoliate With Ballon Blanc’s Skin Exfoliator Peeling Spray To Remove Layers Of Dead Skins And To Un-Clog Your Pores To Decrease The Chance Of Breaking Out And To Increase The Absorption Rate Of Other Skin Care Products *Exfoliate Twice A Week* 2. Cleansing to Remove of Dirt, Oil, and Other Unwanted Debris. 3. Toners to Help Close Pores and Tighten Cell Gaps After Cleansing to Reduce the Penetration of Impurities 4. Ballon Blanc’s Blanc Therapy Essence Sheet Masks to Add Another Layer of Hydration And Nutrition To Your Skin. 5. Serum for Skin Nourishing 6. Eye Cream to Maintain Skin Elasticity And Prevent Under Eye Wrinkles 7. Ballon Blanc’s D’escargot Face Cream to Soothe And Supply Moisture And Nutrition To Help Prevent Wrinkles And Dry Skin 8. SPF To Protect Your Skin From the Sun’s Harmful UV rays Which Can Cause Numerous Skin TroublesHow To Use

  • After Cleansing Apply Your Choice Of Blanc Therapy Sheet Mask
  • Remove Mask After 15~20 Minutes
  • Apply Ballon Blanc’s Lux De Blanc’s Night Cream Afterwards For Added Results

    Blanc Therapy Uses Eco-Friendy Tencel-Cupra Sheets For Higher Essence Absorption Rate And Better Adhesion On Skin.
    New Addition To Your Daily Skin Care Routine To Experience Ultimate Skin Care Experience.
    Use Blanc Therapy Sheet Mask Before Applying Night Cream And Feel The Difference Every Morning.
    6 Different Types of Mask For Various Skin Benefiting Results Such As Pore Care,Moisturization, Skin Nutrition,Skin Calming,Skin Elasticiy,Tightening and Antioxidant.

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