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Home Made Since 2006

Jieon Lee, the founder of the company, has been making natural cosmetics products that she could use on her and her son’s sensitive skin. Jieon created BIGGREEN in 2006 in order to give safer and healthier alternatives to sensitive people like herself


Cosmetics that makes the people and earth beautiful

Ingredients are never compromised
3R Reduce, reuse, recycle for the environment
We always work for our customer’s welfare
We prioritize in trust and value our vendors
We wish the best for our employee’s future
All natural ingredients blending technology

Mask IntroMask Intro

A Face Mask for Mommy and Kids

Want a soft & hydrating mask pack? The BIGGREEN Juicy Kids Face Mask is a safer and healthier start for your child’s sensitive & gentle skin!. Enjoy the highly moisturiszing, made with cotton and all natural mask pack for kids.

The Juicy Kids Face Mask is great for having a special mommy child bonding party experience, calming irritated skin from outdoor activities, and before bedtime.

Just simply spread open the sheet mask and apply on face for 10-20 minutes, and after removing, softly let the remaining juice to absorb onto the skin by patting it.


Have you ever heard of SQUALANE?

Derived from lives, squalane provides extreme benefits such as nourishing, moisturizing and skin regenerating effects. Squalane can moisturize dry and chapped skin from outdoor activities and regenerate skin damaged by the environment.

Shea ButterShea Butter

Feel the moisturizing effects of SHEA BUTTER

Shea Butter, extracted from the nuts, is used to protect and heal the skin from the harmful UV rays and give enough moisture to the skin. Allow the shea butter to gnetly moisturize, regenerate and protect your kids sensitive and irritated skin!

100 cotton

100 cotton

7 types of plant based

7 types of plant based

Kids Mask

Kids Mask

1Pure Cotton Sheet Mask

The Juicy Kids Face Mask is made with pure cotton to ensure the safetiness of our child’s sensitive and delicate skin and to better deliever hydrating ingredients.

Natural Ingredients to Soften and Hydrate Skin

Our mask is packed with vitamins and minerals ranging from pure avocado oil which helps moisturizing and carrot extracts which provifdes vitamins and antioxidants.

Perfect fit for kids?

Made for kids who’ve always been curious about what mommy’s had on their face at night time! The juicy kids face mask perfectly fits the average size kids’ face without having to hold or cut the sheet mask!


When should we use the juicy kids mask?

The Juicy Kids Face Mask is great for

Fun party time accessories
Applying moisture to children’s dry skin
Before bedtime with mommy!


5 or 10 sheets

5 sheets

8.4 and 17 fl. oz.

3.3 and 6.5 fl. oz.

4.5 fl. oz.


A juice for the for the skin full of vitamins and minerals with grape and apple seed, carrot, spinach, and broccoli, olive and avocado oil provides nutrition and health to the skin. Made safe with 100% pure cotton and sized for kids face!

Niacinamide filled with anti-aging benefits is the secret to brigthening skin. Filled with five different mushrooms to tone up and hve transparent fluorescent skin while providing energy to help firm and repair wrinkles.

Natural plant based cleanser effectively cleanses skin and hair while protecting baby’s natural skin barrier. A light blend of lavender oil gives a pleasant soft scent to relax and calm baby.

A soft and creamy lotion naturally pH balanced to moisturize baby’s sensitive skin with natural shea butter and pure essential oils.

Natural plant based cleanser cleanses away impurities keeping your skin moisturized and a pure blend of botanical oils give a fine soft scent to relax sensitive skin.

Key Benefits

Provides nutrition and health to the skin and nourishes, moisturizes and soften skin.

Helps whitening and preventing wrinkles

Protects skin barrier of baby and moisturizing.

Moisturizes and protects skin barrier

Cleansing effects and sweet sensation.

Key Ingredients

Carrot, spinach, broccoli, loive, avocado, SQUALANE, SHEA BUTTER and cotton.

Niacinamide, mushrooms and shea butter

Shea Butter

Shea Butter

Jojoba seed oil and orange peel oil

✅ PERFECT KIDS SIZED FACE MASK – Kids and teens love to indulge in a soothing spa treatment just like their mommies. Now they can have the same beauty treatment thanks to this sheet mask made to fit the average kids’ face without having to fold or cut it.
✅ SOFT AND HYDRATING – Using this full face natural juicy mask for kids is a great way to help your little loved ones take care of their skin. Filled with vitamins and minerals, the face mask is a great way to ensure their skin stays moisturized, hydrated and soft.
✅ 100% COTTON SHEET MASK – For your child’s sensitive skin, we have designed this organic face mask from cotton material that will ensure the safety of their delicate skin and deliver all-natural ingredients smoothly.
✅ EASY TO USE – Have fun while also providing vitamins and minerals to your kids’ gentle skin. Just unwrap the face mask, apply to dry skin, massage gently, and wait 15-20 minutes and wait to see how our Big Green Scented Face Masks for Kids will leave skin feeling soft and great!

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