Price: $20.95 - $18.20
(as of Jun 05,2020 06:07:06 UTC – Details)

❊ Ⓡ | YOUR SKIN, YOUR ṠKIN ḊIΛRY✦ ṠKIN ḊIΛRY NATURAL COLLAGEN BOOST TOTAL SKIN CARE WEEKLY TREATMENT SET ✦   ▪️ 3 Times Weekly Masking | 12 Combo Pack   ▪️ EWG Green level Natural Ingredients    ▪️ Non-Toxic: No paraben, No formaldehyde, No sulfates, No fragrance, No dye, No silicone, No phthalate    ▪️ No Animal Testing | Cruelty-Free   ▪️ Produced, Packaged & Certified In Korea✦ STΛGΞ I | DΞTOXIFY | TEA TREE OIL, WITCH HAZEL, LOTUS, AVENA SATIVA EXTRACT INFUSED

   ▪️ calms & reduces redness/irritation/acne, prevents clogged pores/blackheads, sufficiently moisturizes & Soothes, and helps strengthen skin barrier for healthy skin✦ STΛGΞ II | NOURISH | ROYAL JELLY, PROPOLIS, SCUTELLARIA ROOT EXTRACT INFUSED

   ▪️ promotes collagen production, boosts skin radiance, balances/heals/soothes dull skin, and helps maintain sufficient moisture retention✦ STΛGΞ III | RΞPΛIR | 3 ESSENTIAL PEPTIDES, BERGAMOT, GERANIUM, LAVENDER, ORANGE PEEL OIL INFUSED   ▪️ boosts collagen, firms & tightens skin, helps unclog pores, and reduces inflammation/dark spots/blemishes✦ SOFT & GENTLE ON SENSITIVE SKIN | TENCEL ‘NUDE-CELL’ FIBER SHEET   ▪️ Botanical fiber made from 100% natural cellulose, excellent for sensitive skin   ▪️ Eco-friendly, very smooth fiber structure, excellent in moisture content and absorption   ▪️ Close fiber structure increases absorption of nutrition and moisture   ▪️ Smooth and high in transparency, adhesion to skin is very compact and comfortable

✦ Firm Up & Energize with Detoxifying Sun Mask! Take on the week ahead feeling fresh!
✦ Hydrate & Recharge with Nourishing Wed Mask! Stay radiant and glow during the week!
✦ Recover & Revitalize with Repairing Fri Mask! Start your weekend feeling young and healthy!
✦ Natural & Safe Ingredients, Non-Toxic, Paired with Gentle & Soft 100% Natural Tencel Fiber Sheet!

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