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Caron Bio – wholesale supplier

Caron Bio

About Caron Bio

It began with a challenge and search for natural solutions to hair loss, as an alternative to the drug-based products and the serious side effects associated with them. Today, Caron Bio, which denotes Pure Life, is a pioneering brand in the hair care industry with its powerful and innovative drug-free all-natural C3 Shampoo. Personally engendered from the experiences of an uncle who had a premature and untimely hair loss, developer and Biomedical Engineering Ph.D., also now Caron Bio CTO Jae-suk Park worked with scientists for over eight years, finally coming up with the perfect solution, scientifically proven and now symbolized by the complete restoration of her uncle’s hair.

We are poised to be the premier purveyor of the best innovative solutions to the devastating effects of hair loss on men and women of multicultural diversity around the world, and make them feel beautiful, young, and healthy with luxuriant natural hair. We can do this with our high-tech formulation of scientifically proven natural ingredients and brand new technologies, consistent with the industry’s standards for non-toxic, natural ingredients and processes, and the consumers’ increased concerns about both scalp and hair health and aesthetics.


Caron Bio C3 Shampoo & Hair Tonic
Dedicated to Beauty, Youth, & Health


Men and women of multicultural diversity around the world suffering from the devastating effects of hair loss such as lack of self-esteem; depression; unhappiness; forced career changes; anxiety.

You are not alone in your quest for a solution to your thinning hair. We take your problem personally. Our scientists at Caron Bio have dedicated over eight years of scientific study, research, and development in the search for the perfect natural solution and have finally come up with the C3 Shampoo. Switch to C3 Shampoo now and save your precious hair from falling. Indulge in the luxury of looking and feeling young every day, as professed by the vast majority of individuals who have used the C3 Shampoo as directed.

How Does The C3 Shampoo Work?

It detoxifies and removes impurities from the scalp while fighting hair loss and accelerating hair growth by

(1) enhancing fibroblasts proliferation or cell division, and initiating a new hair cycle, thereby protecting the hair follicles from apoptotic cell death and facilitating hair cell regeneration;

(2) contributing to the initial formation of cells and promoting hair growth by inducing the anagen or growth phase in resting hair follicles;

(3) enhancing subcutaneous blood circulation and the supply of protein and nutrients to the hair roots, thereby inhibiting dihydrotestosterone (DHT) activity which contributes to hair loss.

This powerful yet gentle drug-free shampoo is the foremost alternative on the market today, to the harsher drug-based products and the severe side effects commonly associated with them.

How Do We Know The C3 Shampoo Delivers Its Intended Results?

(1) We conducted our own clinical testing for two years on more than 200 individuals, and we have witnessed first-hand and documented the successful results. These individuals have achieved a restoration of lost hair, volume, luster, and health to their hair, contrary to the caveat that it has never been proven that any shampoo can actually regrow hair. In a press interview, Caron Bio CEO, Cho Jin-Hyung talked about his personal experience saying, “My brother-in-law who has been wearing a wig due to premature hair loss now takes off his wig with confidence.”
(2) The C3 solution (derived from natural plant extracts) has been validated in an in-vitro efficacy test on hair loss and hair growth, as well as a cytotoxicity test conducted by Biotoxtech, the official Korean certification body of the US Food & Drug Administration. It was found that the C3 solution, in a concentration of 0.15%, significantly increased the gene expression of fibroblast growth factors (FGF-7 which enhances fibroblasts proliferation or cell division and initiates a new hair cycle), by about 1.45 times higher than the negative control.
Using the same concentration of the C3 solution, it was also confirmed that the gene expression of FGF10, which contributes to the initial formation of cells and promotes hair growth by inducing the anagen or growth phase in resting hair follicles, increased by about 1.7 fold in comparison to the negative control.
(3) The C3 Shampoo is the only adult shampoo on the market today that bears the 5-Star Seal for excellence from Dermatest GmbH, a prestigious research institute in Germany. This seal is a mark of distinction certifying the effectiveness, application safety, and skin compatibility of our products through a Dermal Tolerability Test. Products tested with successful results receive the rating ‘Clinically Tested’. We are also nearing the completion of a Trichoscan Test, an advanced German patented technology to analyze the biologic parameters of hair growth, which are: hair density, hair diameter, hair growth rate, and anagen/telogen ratio.
(4) We comply with the US FDA OTC Drug Review and Registration process.

Our Manufacturing Facilities And Processes

We uphold high-quality assurance protocols. We manufacture our products in a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified facility to ensure that they are consistently produced and controlled according to international quality standards. Consistent with the plant-based trend and consumers’ increased concern about both scalp and hair health and aesthetics, we continue to work with scientists at Sungkyunkwan University in Korea through an industry advisory contract and industry-academic cooperation projects.

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