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1. Pearl : Pearl is made up of amino acids and minerals. This mask brightens skin.
2. Black Snail : Contains Snail ingredients to restore skin’s radiance. It is essence mask pack that is stimulated from the outside and supplies rich moisture and nourishment to the rough and tired skin and gives comfort to the skin.
3. Pomegranate : Contains pomegranate extract, which contains abundant photo nutrients. It makes the texture of the skin feel elastic and moist.
4. Placenta : Placenta extract strengthens skin’s vitality.
5. Red Ginseng : This mask sheet improves the energy of skin and makes skin full of vitality with its ingredients of red ginseng extract, which strengthens skin barrier.
6. Tomato : Tomato extract hydrates and improves skin complexion.
7. Coenzym Q10 : Helps skin turnover, protects skin from external harmful environment, and supplies nutrients and moisture that tend to become scarce as you get older, making it a youthful, vibrant skin.
8. Royal Jelly : Royal jelly extract provide nourishment and improve skin texture.
9. Vitamin : Vitamin C with effect of brightening skin makes dull, lifeless skin look clear and bright.
10. Egg : Contains botanical ingredients to restore skin’s radiance.
11. Green Tea : Green the extract deeply moisturizes and helps the skin stay moisturized.
12. Cucumber : Cucumber extract moisturize and make skin soft.
13. Aloe : Aloe extract soothes irritated skin and makes your skin smooth.
14. Snail : Snail filtrate extract prevents skin irritation.
15. Aronia : Contains Aronia ingredients to restore skin’s radiance.
16. Collagen : The ingredient of collagen helps the skin keep moist and makes.
17. Charcoal : Il contains charcoal powder that purifies skin and cleanses impurities in pores to help brighten your complexion.
18. Snake : The Skin-friendly SYN-KE Peptide is a coarse, wrinkle-resilient skin that gives it elasticity and helps to maintain elasticity ans vitality.

Made in Korea
Smooth skin

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