Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Mask – short review

New Innisfree My Real Squeeze Mask review

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Rose I used this sheet mask mostly to keep my skin hydrating, especially after long working day and during hot weather. I am not sure if it did help my face skin healthier or not but I did feel relax and my skin did feel softer after use it. Love it but need to use more to see more obvious effects.

Manuka Honey Yes! Honey! I have extremely dry skin, even in the summertime. I was traveling and on vacation in Florida with my family when I told my sister that the sun/suncare was drying my face out and she brought me this mask and told me to try it. I was NOT disappointed! I am always skeptical of masks because along with being dry, I am also sensitive. I left my mask on for about 15-20 minutes (suggested) and gently massages the remainder into my skin. Not only did I have plenty for my face but I also took the mask (still extremely saturated) and put the excess on my feet! My face felt slightly tacky so I left it along for the rest of the night. When I woke up, my face felt plump, supple, hydrated and baby soft. My feet also felt much more hydrated than they were before I used the rest of the mask on them. For the price, the quality surpassed my expectations. I will definitely be purchasing and in bulk.

Green Tea Very nice green tea sheet mask, I like putting it in fridge for 15 minutes prior to use in summer for a nice cooling start. Gives moist hydrated skin and is really soothing and relaxing. I have bought these several times and buy online from Innisfree. There are more I like also but green tea is amongst my favorites. Extra serum I apply to neck, decollete and arms and hands. A must buy.

Cucumber I love these masks. They were gifted to me so I am not sure where they were bought but they are amazing. This cucumber one leaves my skin feeling so refreshed which on this cold winter day is all I could ask for. Highly recommend.

Aloe The smell of this mask is amazing. I love this mask because of its’ thin sheet paper and it really works well. I apply it for as long as I can until it is sort of dry, and my skin just feels so moisturized. You can even see that your skin looks better, healthier, and clean. One of the best masks I have ever tried.  :)

Lime I love this mask. It smells amazing and immediately after using it I could see my skin was visibly brighter. The next morning my skin was very hydrated, soft, and bright. I highly recommend any of innisfree’s face masks but this one especially. The smell is pretty strong so if you don’t like strong smells then I would pass on this but it’s not an artificial smell. These masks are really juicy and fit my face perfectly. I highly recommend this mask.

Pomegranate The Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Mask in Pomegranate is, according to the brand, one that is filled “with moisture from squeezed pomegranates leaves skin feeling firm and supple”. The essence is again the clear kind, and is very comfortable to wear. The smell isn’t really something to talk paragraphs about, it’s chemically but not strong, like they tried to mimic a smell and failed. It soothes skin and leaves it smooth, although not as much as the kiwi one. Aparto from pomegranate extract, it hast adenosine too in the ingredient list. This one is one of my favorites from the line without doubt, even if it doesn’t do anything spectacular, wearing it is very pleasant.