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We have been captivated by the potential of the Indonesian market and its fast growth encouraged us to expand our business in the Indonesian Market.

All our products are genuine Korean beauty products sourced directly from the manufacturers. We are able to offer competitive prices on the best quality products. We allow for good prices, so that our customers, the resellers, can make good profits.

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Despite the decline in cosmetics consumption due to Corona 19, the Korean cosmetics market in Indonesia continues to grow.

According to KOTRA data, as of September 2020, total imports of Indonesian cosmetics fell 29% compared to the same period last year, but Korean cosmetics imports increased 18% over the same period.

Boasting the fourth largest population in the world with over 270 million people, Indonesia is also a young country with an average age of 30.2 and is considered the largest digital market and growth potential in Southeast Asia.

The social media usage time in Indonesia in 2020 was 3 hours 18 minutes, up 40% over the previous year. This is believed to be the result of an increase in the amount of time spent at home due to Corona 19. The percentage of users using YouTube, Facebook and Instagram is especially high, but since Indonesia does not have its own portals like Naver and Daum, many Indonesians get their information from the aforementioned systems. …

In particular, the importance of Instagram is gradually increasing. Instagram is a social network used by women in their 20s and 30s who are the main buyers of cosmetics. If you look at the rate of use of Instagram in Indonesia, 51% of women are women, and mostly young people between the ages of 18 and 34. Therefore, Instagram stories and collaborations with influencers are used as primary marketing tools.

Anti-aging cosmetics are gaining popularity in the Indonesian market. According to the results of surveys, women aged 30-40 and older are interested in anti-aging cosmetics. This is predictable. But the result of the interest of teenagers under 20 turned out to be unexpected. They also want to look younger.

Keyword Analysis Related to Functional Cosmetics in Indonesia Using Big Data.
The result is: “sleep mask”, “regeneration”, “retinol”, “hyaluronic acid”.
A new type of product is emerging – night cream, and there is interest in night care. It can be seen that it has increased.
The number of anti-aging products certified by the Indonesian Food and Drug Administration (BPOM) by year started at 84 in 2016 and gradually increased to 286 in 2019.
Given this trend, a further increase in the number of anti-aging products is expected. At the same time, a large percentage is interested in anti-aging prevention.

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