Korean skincare / cosmetics wholesale supplier to Malaysia

If you are planning to establish your business catering to solely Korean cosmetics, you will be able to get a ready market for yourself as there are very few companies selling Korean beauty products on a worldwide level. There is already existing demand waiting for being filled.

Korean skincare is one of the world’s many beauty phenomenons. What started in Korea as a trend, has flooded the entire world. Also, we see popularity growth in Malaysia and all of South-East Asia. Rather than following Western trends, it seems that more and more women are looking to the east.

If you decide to choose a KBeauty business you have to choose:

  • unique recipes
  • high-quality products
  • value for money
  • the natural beauty from natural ingredients
  • flawless results

Be a part of our success story that will soon become a reality!

Marketing support for our clients

Our marketing department delivers digital marketing services for your business.
– website creation
– SEO services – (local SEO, technical SEO)
– e-mail marketing
– support for existing sites

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The Russian invasion of Ukraine has quickly turned into a huge humanitarian crisis. An estimated 1 million refugees have already fled, heading toward the neighboring countries of Poland, Hungary, and to western Europe. Mostly of those who had to flee Ukraine are women and children.

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