Korean Indie Beauty Brand

Indie Beauty Concept

What is Indie Beauty Brand?

Indie Beauty brand is an independent company is owned, and operated by the founder, as the key stakeholder. Indie beauty brand is not only that it’s independently owned and operated. But also the fact that he has his own philosophy, passion, and adheres to authenticity behind the company, brand and products.

In the cosmetics industry spread As consumers awareness of ethical consumption, good consumption, environmental and animal protection, etc. It has a considerable impact on the cosmetics market. In beauty became important, not only your own health but also the environment.

For the sake of this, the number of consumers pursuing “clean beauty” has increased. Clean beauty cosmetics are generally.

Refers to cosmetics that do not contain various harmful ingredients. Furthermore, the process of producing cosmetics was changed too.

Cosmetics that have not been tested on animals or made based on natural ingredients instead of animal ingredients.

Korean Indie beauty brand is a shift in perception in the existing cosmetics market, which was formed around large cosmetics brands.

It can be defined as a beauty brand that tries to reach consumers with a concept. The founder’s beliefs, philosophy, and values ​​are intact in the brand and product. This creates consensus with consumers
It becomes a shaping factor and stimulates purchase.

Korean Indie Beauty brands are mainly not large manufacturers

They not sold in the local traditional retail way. For Indie brands we offer a “Beauty online concept“. It is a sales model exclusively online. This method is more effective in not only reducing the cost of operating a store but also promoting unfamiliar brands to consumers.

The future of indie beauty brands

Certainly these days, indie beauty brands are sparkling. Because many people are interested in and loved it. In addition, indie beauty brands are still at a disadvantage in competition with conglomerate beauty brands that engage in aggressive marketing at a high cost.

Need to maintain the brand direction, adhere to the philosophy, and control the quality. In other words, rather than creating a trendy brand, it is important to maintain it with the uniqueness and philosophy that will feel special over time. As it is a brand created by consumers for consumers, it is important not to lose its authenticity. An indie brand that started with empathy and has grown based on the trust of customers must constantly listen to customers’ needs and voices and build long-term trust.

Cruelty free

What factors define an korean indie beauty brand?

First, it reacts quickly to trends and moves sensitively. Due to the nature of an independent company, the decision-making process is short and there is little need to compromise with various conditions, so it can respond quickly to issues.
Second, the value of customer communication. In line with the current trend in which the role of SNS is dominant, indie beauty brands prefer online distribution methods that reach consumers through digital media. This is effective in not only reducing the burden on offline store operation, but also in promoting the name to consumers through content even though it is an unfamiliar brand. It is also noteworthy that communication with consumers through social media channels is also actively taking place. It is characterized by friendly communication with customers rather than the traditional way of unilateral information delivery.
Third, the most important thing is whether the brand’s beliefs and values ​​are clear. This can be revealed in branding or expressed as a product’s technology or ingredients.

Growth of korean indie beauty brands

Are indie beauty brands that have garnered so much attention actually selling well? Compared to global and conglomerate brands, the indie beauty market is still small. However, it is clear that it is growing at a fast pace. In this way, the biggest factor that allowed indie beauty brands to be popularized, not limited to enthusiasts who prefer the niche market, is thanks to the change in the beauty distribution market.

It is also noteworthy that Korean indie beauty brands are not staying in the domestic market and are growing globally within a short time. This can be said to be a joint work achieved by the global viral effect through online and the craze of K-beauty.

In addition, the “green and clean beauty” trends also contributed to the growth of indie beauty brands. Due to the nature of an indie beauty brand that puts emphasis on the authenticity of the brand rather than focusing on marketing or branding packaging, many products have clean ingredients, excellent efficacy.

The green and clean movement, which has been receiving continuous attention from last year in the society as a whole, is expected to continue to become a key trend in the korean indie beauty industry and focus more on ingredients, testing, and packaging that do not adversely affect the earth, animals, and the environment. have.