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Beauty brands tempting you with bright packaging and eco-friendly promises. But the products lack quality.

You want to try something new, but fear it’s another plastic toy with no real solution again.

We are not just a brand. We are a team of beauty experts, naturalists, and chemical engineers passionately creating innovative beauty solutions powered by reliable ingredients from JIRISAN mountains of South Korea. This is who we are, this is what we do, we believe in change and together we can all make a difference to our environment and our health. When you choose MAY COOP, you choose more than just another beauty product, you choose quality result for a long time.

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WHAT IS MSE (MAPLE SUGAR EXTRACT)? It is called Pungdang (fat maple sugar) in traditional medicine because it is “sugar stemming from maple trees.” MSE is a natural sugar existing in maple tree sap(about 2%). It functions as a coat preventing skin moisture from vaporizing and treats the skin. When MSE is concentrated, it gets the property of viscosity like honey or essence, The property forms a layer to prevent moisture from vaporizing from the skin because it sticks to the external surface of the skin. In a real experiment, it shows a similar moisturizing effect on the skin to glycerin, which is the representative moisturizer in cosmetics, Without any artificial and chemical synthesis, it is 100% pure natural moisturizer, which can be extracted from nature.

may coop bamboo line Wholesale Korean cosmetics supplier.

MAY COOP Bamboo Line

Straight bamboo sap found the answer for sensitive skin.
Bamboo’s flowering habits have several characteristics that are not found in other plants.
It takes a long time to bloom from several years to 100 years, and when flowering begins in one place, the entire community begins to bloom accordingly.