Mizon Collagen 100 review

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Every night I sprinkle a few drops here and there and I feel the magic work!

Closer look into some of the star ingredients:

Copper tripeptide-1: Not gonna lie, this is probably the star ingredient out of all three ampoules.  This is the work horse.  Copper peptides are well researched and studied (especially in the US), and known to be a great anti-aging ingredient as it promotes collagen and elastin production in the skin.  And in case you didn’t know, collagen and elastin is what makes your skin firm and supple.  As your skin ages, it depletes in collagen and elastin, resulting in saggy, crepey skin.  However, don’t use this as an excuse to go crazy with the copper peptides.  Ingesting or applying too much can be harmful.  I would just stick with one or two products that contain the ingredients.

Placental protein: Ok, so this is a little gross, I’ll admit.  But I’ve slathered snail mucin and starfish essence on my face, so I’m not going to shy away from an ingredient without trying it first!  As you can imagine, this placental protein is harvested from animals, most likely pigs (because pig skin is eerily similar in structure to human skin).  Mizon markets this product as providing essential amino acids and minerals to the skin (read: nutrition), but I couldn’t really find anything to back this up.  I did find one warning about possible hormone disruption, but nothing that caused any real alarms for me.

Collagen: So this ingredient I was actually surprised to find may not benefit you very much.  I would have assumed that topically applying collagen would be good to boost and maintain your collagen levels – but research shows this may not be the case.  When applied topically, the actual collagen protein is too big to absorb into the layers of your skin, therefore having very little effect.  It may only be beneficial as a superficial moisturizer, and not much more.  There’s a lot more evidence that actually eating collagen (and no, I am not telling you to eat this ampoule!) is more beneficial to producing collagen levels in the skin.

How to use

I like to apply this product at night, after my Paula’s Choice 2% BHA liquid.  I put a few drops in my hand and pat it around my face, neck, and décolletage.  I let it absorb for a few minutes, then follow it with moisturizer.

If you’re not using an AHA or BHA exfoliant, then I would apply this immediately after washing your face and applying a toner and/or essence.

I’ve been using this product for about 6 months, and no adverse reactions so far!  Before I used this product, I’ve noticed a little section in the center of my neck that has started to become crepey.  Right now it’s still too early to tell whether this product is helping it, but some more time will tell! I believe it is getting a little better, but I don’t like to jump to conclusions until I can see visible results that I’m certain of.  So stay tuned!  I may include an update to this post soon.

I do believe, however, based on the ingredients and research I’ve done, that the best ampoule in this arsenal actually is the Peptide 500 one.  When I run out of this product, I think I’ll only rebuy the Peptide ampoule.  I’ll likely shelve the placenta and collagen ones and possibly revisit them if there’s more evidence that comes out in the future confirming that they’re actually really beneficial for the skin.


Mizon does it again!  Always impressed by this company and it’s quality products.  However, if you want to be more conservative, you may want to just go with the Peptide ampoule instead of dishing out money for all 3.

Pros: High percentage of its *star* ingredient, no fragrance, absorbs nicely, no acne-triggering ingredients, not very expensive.

Cons: Lack of real research and evidence of whether placental protein or collagen is actually effective anti-aging products.

Total score: 8/10

Ingredients: 6/10 (I give the copper peptides 10/10, but bumped the overall grade down a little because no real evidence that placental protein or collagen is really that effective.)

Quality: 10/10 (Really impressed with the quantity and quality of these ampoules though!)

Wear: 10/10 (Absorbs nicely and feels very moisturizing.)

Price: 10/10 (Really great value for an anti-aging product – that shit is never cheap! But with Mizon, you know you’re getting a great amount of quality ingredients for your money.)

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