Newkey Led Face Mask – Review

A Revolutionary Alternative to Laser Therapy!

Delivers bright visible light that kills acne-causing bacteria, helps fade dark spots and smooths fine lines.

No solution in sight for all your skin problems or the currently available solutions are too expensive?

LED light therapy gives you a new perspective on how to treat your skin.

Light therapy is safe for all kinds of skin colors. It has no odor and does not cause burn marks as other methods of light therapy do. Additionally, it can reach places other creams or lotions cannot. With this LED Light therapy mask, You can kiss your scars and acne goodbye!

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newkey led mask testimonial

Newkey LED Therapy Face Mask Review

Having acne growing on your face can be the most annoying thing in the world especially when you are in your mid-thirties. Plus I have wrinkle to worry for. I starting using various combination of light spectrum. After using this led face mask, I see significant improvement on my skin.
After the first week, I can see my skin getting smoother but not removing the wrinkle completely. During second week, I have noticed less acne growing on my face. And using Newkey LED face mask, for one month, my wrinkles are gone completely and I have yet to see any new acne grown on my face.

Review 2 –

This mask is wonderful! If you do a treatment at night, you will be amazed at your skin the next morning. It will lighten pigmentation, fight acne and plump lines. I use it for pigmentation and hormonal acne. Along with Vitamin C for the pigmentation and benzoyl peroxide around my period, this mask has greatly improved my skin.

Review 3 –

I bought this Newkey LED face mask skin mask to my sister for her birthday. Since my sister likes to try different skin care products, I have been searching around to see if there is any interesting skin care product that fits for her. Fortunately, I finally found this mask, which is applied with Korean PDT light Therapy technology. She was so excited when she got this mask. The product has good packaging. The user manual and user instruction is very clear and detailed. The mask is a little bit heavier than one-time use masks, but it is still within a reasonable weight range. The mask also fits for her face size. Overall, the product seemed very decent, and the most important thing is that my sister is very happy about her birthday gift. She started using the mask the 2nd day when she received it. It has been ~3 weeks so far. She uses the masks very often per week. She told me that her skin was getting better. She cannot see much difference on her face the 1st week. However, started from the 2nd week, she can see the acne has been reduced a lot on her face. Her skin is much brighter and more smooth than before. It is very comfortable to use the mask. She likes to use the mask while she is taking a short nap (laying down on the bed). I am so happy that she likes this birthday gift. She keeps telling me how great the product is. I think I made a good purchase.

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Product Description



NEWKEY was established in 2017 with the core belief that customer skin well-being and preservation of health is our duty.

Treating clientele from all over the world, NEWKEY light therapy mask is a top choices for facial skin care and non-surgical cosmetic procedures. No matter where you are from, we’ll treat you like you’re family.


LED Face Mask – WHAT IS THIS ?

When the wavelength of medical LED acts on the skin, it can remove the aging tissue of the skin and make the skin tissue repair naturally. Moreover, the led will properly heat the C-H-O compound in the dermis, especially the water-rich collagen tissue. The thermal effect of led (almost no heat sensed) makes collagen tissue regenerate and new collagen. Protein recombination can achieve skin rejuvenation effect. After treatment, which can effectively reduce the risk of color deposition.

NEWKEY light therapy mask advantages: We use Korea innovates PDT cosmetic technology, with adjustable light intensity, which can adjust the depth of light penetrating the skin. It is suitable for the treatment of skin problems of different depths. It has a precise effect on deep and shallow pigmentary lesions and acne pits, and has a better effect on acne treatment. Our products are currently the most sophisticated treatment technology in similar products, non-invasive, fast recovery, good results.



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