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◆ Best 16 Types :

1. Aloe : It helps to revitalize and soothe the skin with mild effect of aloe extracts. It gives skin a cool, hydrated lift and leaves skin perfectly clean and supple. It leaves skin feeling soft, refreshed and perfectly hydrated.

2. Collagen : It makes your troubled skin elastic, smooth while working together with collagen and elastin inside of skin.

3. Cucumber : It makes your tired skin hydrated, elastic, clear and relieves your skin from stress.

4. Coenzyme Q10 : It contains Coenzyme Q10 which is effective for keeping skin anti wrinkle and preventing skin from aging. It makes you feel that your skin becomes much elastic and younger.

5. Pearl : Pearl powder, Vitamin E, Collagen included. It helps protect the skin, leaving it feeling soft, smooth and healthy-looking.

6. Placenta : It helps protect the skin, leaving it feeling soft, smooth and healthy-looking.

7. Royal Jelly : It makes your tired skin moisturized, cool, and soothe your skin.

8. Snail : Its sulfuric acid of Snail Secretion Extract is effective for regenerating skin cells

9. Stem Cell : It is very effective for removing harmful active oxygen on the skin and keeps your tired skin all the more fresh and elastic all day long.

10. Vitamin : It contains stabled Vitamin C thus it keeps your skin clean and bright and makes your tired skin from daily life always healthy and clean.

◆ Effect : The 10 different types of facial masks will help your skin more elastic, healthier, and clearer.

11.AQUA, 12.GREN TEA, 13.POMEGRANATE, 14.POTATO, 15.RED GINSENG, 16.SEAWEED. ◆WATCHOUT : ORANGE ROSES is the only authorized seller for authentic masks.

16 Types : 1.Aloe 2.Aqua 3.Coenzyme Q10 4.Collagen 5.Cucumber 6.Green Tea 7.Pearl 8.Placenta 9.Pomegranate 10.Potato 11.Red Ginseng 12.Royal Jelly 13.Seaweed 14.Snail 15.Stem Cell 16.Vitamin
Excellent adhesion and soft texture make your skin feel relaxed.
For Customization : Place an order through SELLER listing and leave a message.
Double Check : We, Orange Rose, are the only authorized U.S Importer designated by the manufacturer (OBS Lab). please check the seller’s name: ORANGE ROSES for authentic products

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