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RUUIC - wholesale supplier | Wholesale Korean cosmetics supplier.

RUUIC – wholesale supplier

RUUIC Korean Beauty Brand

About RUUIC Brand

UNIQUE OF: RUUIC is a brand that provides a new beauty life that you have never experienced before. New attractive and efficient products, and new ways to use them, will surprise you every day.

As a new skincare brand, RUUIC feels the spirit of “BEAUTY LIFE” of Koreans by providing innovative products that are more sensitive to people’s lifestyle and senses than existing.

Bring light into your daily life with the RUUIC products.

RUUIC, the brand of women who have sensitivity and awareness about beauty.
RUUIC, a brand of women who want to be another every day.
RUUIC, a brand of women who enjoy every moment of their charming life.

RUUIC delivers high-end Korean beauty products to the mass market while connecting with consumers through positive real-life stories.

It is a brand that lets you feel young and satisfied throughout.

To be different from other brands, RUUIC has dared to think beyond the ordinary. “Rediscover + U + Unique + Illumination + Cosmetics – Cosmetics that allow rediscovering the unique illumination which each individual has within”.
RUUIC, it is beyond just a beauty routine.
RUUIC better understands your skin condition.
RUUIC is an innovative, skincare approach.

RUUIC offers 4 cosmetic lines:

SKINCARE – Calamine Line

What is Calamine?

Calamine, a combination of zinc oxide and ferric oxide, is a light pink substance used to treat acne, itches, skin irritation, sunburns, sensitive skin, and other mild skin conditions. Calamine is more effective than Cica (Centella Asiatica)!

Soothes and protects the skin from inflammation

Contains zinc, which is effective on inflammations, heat rashes, or skin troubles Cooling effect to calm down red irritations Effectively soothes and disinfects burnt areas with a cooling effect Effectively soothes eczema and itches.

In this product line : Calamine Recipe Toner, Calamine Recipe Emulsion, Calamine Recipe Cream, Calamine Spot Powder.

Calamine line
cleansing line

SKINCARE – Cleansing Line

This product consists of two phases (Oil and Water). The oil layer removes makeup, and the water layer moisturizes the skin.

SKINCARE – Probiotics Line

Probiotics help improve the health of the digestive system (stomach) through balancing bacteria found in the small intestine. By controlling the growth of harmful bacteria in the GI tract, probiotics can prevent things like intestinal discomfort. Probiotics also have been shown to strengthen immunity by creating an optimal environment for white blood cell production called neutrophils. These neutrophils are important in fighting off invading bacteria and viruses. They are also important in lowering cholesterol levels, which could lower your risk of heart disease.

Over time, our skin can become dry, irritated, and uneven-toned, losing much of its natural youthful glow and resilience to weather, age and even stress. Our daily habits can also exacerbate or contribute to these skin problems. That’s why we developed “Probiotics line” Series, a specialized skincare line with patented probiotics for women of all ages.

RUUIC Probiotics line
RUUIC Makeup Line


Everyone can easily draw perfect eyes with this curve eyeliner – the line is defined, long-lasting, and does not fade easily.
-The pencil eyeliner creates sharp corners. It has a silky texture that looks more natural and softer than pen liner.
-The color is deep, bright, and rich.
– The large liquid eyeliner pen is perfect for creating a variety of glamorous makeup looks.
– Large tip makes it easy to achieve precision as well as a larger line (especially liked by the Makeup artists).
– It suits both professionals and all levels of makeup artistry, from beginners to experts.
– Easy application with 360 ̊ Rotation and 27 ̊