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Do you love skin care? 

Would you like to learn the advanced skills and techniques to easily produce All-natural, toxin-free beauty products at home?

Today it’s very easy to find face, body and hair care products on the market on the shelves of supermarkets, perfumeries, pharmacies, everywhere. 

But normally, these products are almost always very rich in silicone substances that limit the perspiration of the skin and dry it up. 

Unfortunately, with the passage of time the constant and prolonged use of products with silicones and petrolatum leads to results that are harmful for your skin because it will appear more suffering, dehydrated and with occluded pores.

Better then to shift our attention to natural products for the body, preferably organic, rich in precious plant active ingredients. Natural beauty products are becoming increasingly popular, exactly because we begin to understand the importance of not allowing chemicals to absorb the skin.

Using natural products for bath and body care also means respecting the environment by using cruelty free products, and are not tested in any way on poor animals.

This complete series of books intends to help you understand the importance of a total organic body care for your health and to teach you everything you need to make natural skin care products for you and as a special gift set for people you love.

  • BOOK 1: you’ll discover the best hair, face and body DIY recipes like masks, shampoo, conditioner, dyes, creams, cleansing, aftershave, makeup, body butters, scrubs, creams, lotions… and more! 

  • BOOK 2: learn the whole Art of homemade soap making, equipment, safety guidelines, recipes and more

  • BOOK 3: The secret recipes and techniques to make Diy natural soaps, 100% free of harmful chemicals using specific essential oils and herbs

  • BOOK 4: all you need to know on making amazing colorful, smelling bath bombs to instantly make your bath ultra-relaxing!

Even if you’re a beginner you’re on the budget don’t worried.

Whatever is your age, level and budget this book includes easy to follow instructions that will guide you across all the process using high-quality but easily available and not expensive ingredients.  

The incredible advantage is that nowadays we can all create products of natural origin directly at home, using simple and fast DIY crafts techniques. 

So why not get the satisfaction to start creating skin care products with your own hands right away?

If you want to learn how to finally treat your skin well, and make it younger and better looking, just scroll up and click the “Buy Now” button to get your copy today!

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