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Age is nothing but a number, let your skin show it too. Our apple and ceramides serum fights against time to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, leaving you with a glowing and moisturized complexion. Vitamin E encapsulated beads offer nourishing hydration and help protect skin from damage caused by free radicals.

Key Ingredients

Ceramide-encapsulated beads prevent moisture loss
Apple essence helps retain hydration


Plump complexion
Strengthens skin barriers
Ultra hydration

To use:

Shake bottle before using and wait for beads to settle. Apply 2-5 drops and gently massage onto cleansed skin, focusing on the driest areas. Apply before moisturizer for best results.


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What are Ceramides?

Ceramides are a class of fatty acids called lipids. They are naturally found in skin cells and make up about 50 percent of the outer layer of skin.

While ceramides are noted for their role in brain and nervous system development, they’ve gained a lot of interest in the skin care world for their potential skin health benefits. Other cosmetic uses include shamppos, deodorants, and makeup.

What do they do for your skin?

Ceramides are made up of long-chain fatty acids that link with other important molecules to promote cellular function.

Ceramides help create a barrier to prevent permeability. This locks moisture into your skin, which helps prevent dryness and irritation. It may also help protect your epidermis from environmental damage.

If my skin is already made up of ceramides, why should they also be used in skin care?

Although human skin is naturally made up of ceramides, these fatty acids are lost over time. This can result in dull, dry skin. You may be able to minimize these effects by supplementing your skin with extra ceramide.

Benefits of Ceramides

Skin Barrier – Helps to keep harmful environmental irritants out and also prevents skin dehydration.

Effects on all skin types, especially effective on Dry skin (Ceramides loss is a dry skin factor)

Treating the itching, flaking, peeling, scaling.

Ceramide encapsulated beads prevent moisture loss

Apple essenceApple essence

Benefits of Apple

Astringent and Antioxidant Rich

Apple is a natural astringent that can help large pores appear smaller for oily skin types. It’s tightening properties make apple perfect for toners. Rich vitamin C content in combination with astringent benefits can also help clear up the appearance of acne and rejuvenate the look of aging skin.

Acidic & Exfoliating

Apple is also rich in natural alpha hydroxy acids that help to gently exfoliate your skin and break up the proteins that hold skin cells together. Like papaya extract, regular use of apple extract in your skin care products can help your skin appear brighter and smoother by sloughing away dead skin cells that can make your skin look dull.

Who should use apple fruit extract?

Apple is great for oily and acneic skin types. It’s also good for anyone concerned with prematurely aging, dull or uneven complexions. Apple powders and essences are also great in toners for their naturally astringent properties. Will you be giving apple extract a try?

✅ Pyrus Malus Fruit Extract, commonly known as Apple Extract, is great for two things: ANTI-AGING and SKIN SMOOTHING. It is high in antioxidants to protect your skin from free radicals, and to help it maintain youthful elasticity for longer. If that’s not enough for you, the mildly acidic nature of Apple Extract makes it a gentle exfoliator, giving you soft, nourished skin. Not to mention, it has a light, crisp fragrance to revitalize your mood.
✅ WHY CERAMIDES IS ESSENTIAL – When people experience dry skin, it is because of a loss of ceramides in the skin, which can also cause itching, flaking, peeling, and scaling. Using ceramides skin care products can help replace lipids that have been lost due to chronic dryness, environmental factors, and skin damage caused by certain skin conditions.
✅ Ceramide NP improves the skin barrier function, which helps to keep harmful environmental irritants out and also prevents skin dehydration.
✅ Ceramides skin care products can be used by anyone and are widely available without a prescription.

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