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Product Description

Facial Lifting Mask will let you enjoy the v-face experience from the cheek to the chin, repair facial contours and tighten double chin.

Prevent Fat Accumulation,Containing rich essence, it can prevent facial fiber from turning into adipose tissue, thus repelling the fat face caused by obesity and making the facial repair perfectly curved.

Main Ingredients

The mask main ingredients are used specifically for rejuvenation and moisturization,which is rich in natural plant extracts,seaweed. Algae Extraction storage the moist.The product is delicate and easy to penetrate into the skin, which is closely attached to the face by lifting and firming, containing collagen, which promote smoothing of wrinkles and increase the elasticity of the v shape face, amino acids and other ingredients to supplement the skin with nutrients and moisture, make the skin smooth and firm, tender and young.

Main function

Specially for facial edema, fat accumulation and other issues, can effectively,reduce fat, removal of edema,remove wrinkles, reshape the perfect lines of the face, etc.

New Look-Smoother

This powerful neck & chin patch by tightening skin gradually to shape and lift your face line,improves the appearance of neck lines and lower face.It will bring you a smoother new look.


*Moisturizes skin

*Provides with face-lifting

*Double chin reducer

*Lifts v shape face

*Reduces wrinkles

*Eliminates double chin

*Promotes chin tightening

*Maintains chin lift

How to use Facial Lifting Mask?


Washing the face with warm water.


Take out the mask and remove the protective film,gently apply the mask to the lower face.


Pull the above mounting ears on both sides to the ears and adjust to a comfortable position.


Advise using it everyday, each lasting 6-8 hours for the fiirst week,then use 2 to 3 times a week.

Tighten your sagging skin with contour mask technology to smooth out the signs of aging to go through the life with confidence
Improve Facial Contour you get gorgeous lines of the face and you get rid of your double chin.
Moisturizes the Skin it absorbed effectively toour patches work perfectly while you sleep.
improve facial contours. You can see noticeably firmer chin line in minutes!

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