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Experience Real Transformation with Sotiras Double Chin Lifting Mask!

Developed by USA accredited beauty product design engineer, Sotiras VLine Mask is the superior, non surgical solution to achieve your dreamed face shape and chin line. While it works magic to lift the chin & slim the face, the mask’s nutrient-loaded hydrogel layer brings healing and repair to your skin.

What Makes Sotiras V-Line Mask Different?


Why spend more money on only chin lifting mask when you can shape BOTH chin and face WITH Sotiras facial treatment


Your doctor may have told you how important antioxidant is to fight sickness. But did you know that it is critical for your skin’s nutrient and refurnishing? That’s why we heavily packed antioxidants and vitamins inside the hydrogel


Other masks out there use an alcohol-based formula which drys up your skin. In contrast, Sotiras masks use natural plant ingredients to moisturize your skin


Sotiras mask’s hydrogel layer is water-base. That means, during the 1 hour application, your skin can continue to breath air. You don’t have to worry about clogged pore or other harmful effects

Anti-Aging Anti-Wrinkle Skin Firming Plant Extracts

Collagen Replenish skin Powder elasticity anti-wrinkle

Collagen Replenish skin Powder elasticity anti-wrinkle

Caffeine miniaturization rejuvenation for skin repair

Caffeine miniaturization rejuvenation for skin repair

Health anti-aging young look healthy natural vitamin antioxidant

Health anti-aging young look healthy natural vitamin antioxidant

Sotiras Mask Benefits

Sotiras Mask Benefits

Collagen – Anti-Wrinkle & Eleasticity

Collagen increases skin elasticity, replenishes skin and provides anti-wrinkle effect. It is the vital ingredient for young look

Caffeine – Firm & Younger Skin

Caffeine firms skin by reducing inflammation and repairing damaged skin cells. Skin becomes notably shiny and healthy

Natural Antioxidant – Healthy Skin

Natural Vitamin-Antioxidant rejuvenates skin by reducing inflammation, stimulating collagen product and growing youthful skin

Ultimate Anti-Aging Treatment

Sotiras Face & Chin Lift Mask is the one-stop-shop for ideal face & chin shaping, plus all these skin beauty benefits

Double Chin Remover Lift Mask for Faces Slimming No SurgeryDouble Chin Remover Lift Mask for Faces Slimming No Surgery

Proven Success for Double Chin, Shaping V-Line and Wrinkle Treatment

Anti-Gravitational Lifting

As we age, our skin loses firmness and elasticity. Our Mask shapes the chin area while lifting and defining the lower part of your face.
It reduces facial fat deposits, nasolabial folds and wrinkles.

Repairs & Stimulates Cell Regeneration

The antioxidant-loaded hydrogel provides moisturizing and replenishing treatment.
Your skin will feel revived, hydrated and replenished after using.
Say goodbye to rough and dry skin.

Aestheticians Approved

Sotiras Mask is recommended by aestheticians all over the world with countless success stories.
The outcome is noticeable and clearly visible after the first application of the mask.

Remove Double Chin

Slim Face Effect

Face Wrinkle Treatment

Natural Vitamin Antioxidant

Firming Elastic Skin

Economic Investment



Instruction 1

Instruction 1

Instruction 2

Instruction 2

Instruction 3

Instruction 3

Instruction 4

Instruction 4

Step 1

Clean & Dry Face Thoroughly
Peel off the Protective Film Gently
Stretch the Mask Up to 3 Times to match face’s size. Do NOT overstretch.

Step 2

Place the Upper Mask Onto Face by Hanging 2 Openings Onto Ears
Align the Mask to Ensure It Is Centered
Tight is Good, But If the Mask Is Too Tight, Simply Stretch It A Bit More

Step 3

Position the Lower Mask to Fit the Base of Chin
Gentle Hang the Two Openings Onto Ears
Align the Mask’s Center Opening with Month for Maximum Comfort

Step 4

Leave Mask On for Up to One Hour
Each Mask is Intended for Single Use But Can be Re-Used with Fridge Storage
Recommend: Apply Mask 3-4 Times Per Week

Comfort Face Chin Lift MaskComfort Face Chin Lift Mask

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this Slimming Mask Reusable? Yes, our Slimming Mask can be used repeatedly until its nutrient-filled hydrogel is completely dried out. Store in a cold and dry area to extend its lifetime.

How many times can I re-use this Slimming Mask? We recommend re-using your mask no more than 2 to 3 times, if the active ingredient on the mask has not dried out.

Can men use this mask? Definitely!

Can I wear this Slimming Mask to sleep? Yes, this also depends on personal comfort and skin relaxation. Also note that there will be some tension on your ears as you are wearing the mask.

AFFORDABLE NATURAL BEAUTY TREATMENT: In the old days, people needed surgery for jawline and chins lifters. Sotiras’ non surgical, organic technology meets your anti-aging need with rapid result at the comfort of your own home. That’s right, say goodbye to double chin, loose skin, and wrinkle!
LARGE & SMALL FACE FITTING: Just like you, we have seen many other masks that don’t work, so we designed Sotiras strap with customized & stretchable fabric to fit all faces. For larger face users, gently stretch the straps 2-3 times before applying. Please note that it is normal to experience pulling on the ears in order for these gel pad treatments to function properly.
TRUSTED & DESIGNED FROM THE USA: Sotiras is a California family business designing safe & secured beauty products that boost your confident. And while our premium V-shaped Masks are affordable, we don’t believe in cheap. This magic mask with healthy and detox ingredient is the best face mask product available, and we’re proud to offer it to you at such a great price.
OUR GUARANTEE: When you take your new mask home, one of two very cool things will happen – you’ll look 10 years young because of your awesomely shaped face and chin. Or, we’ll refund every cent so you can find your perfect beauty solution! Order now risk free from Sotiras.

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